Get involved with Highflyers Racing for as little as £5!

Subscriptions are available from just 1 day as follows:

Cost per day
1 Day
2 Days £10 £5
3 Days £15 £5
4 Days £20 £5
5 Days £25 £5
7 Days
1 Month
3 Months £185 £2.01
6 Months £360 £1.97
12 Months £700 £1.91

If a subscription is purchased before racing it will be for that day. If it is purchased after the time of the race in which we have our first tip then the subscription will start on the following day.

With a subscription of one month you can pause the subscription for a minimum of 7 days - ideal for holidays or business visits overseas. You also get credit for days with no racing or no bets.

With a Highflyers Racing subscription you never pay
for a day without information.

Be in the know all the time!

For further subscription details contact us by an e-mail to

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