Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to the “Days” and "Subscription"services

1. This website and any information contained within it is the absolute property and copyright of T J Bishop Consultancy (Highflyers Racing) and any use of this website by any person firm or company [the User] is deemed to be acceptance of such ownership and copyright and the acceptance by the User of these terms and conditions a set out herein.

2. The User accepts that the name Highflyers Racing and any representation of the name Highflyers Racing howsoever represented are the Property of Highflyers Racing and may not be reproduced in any way or otherwise used.

3. The User accepts that he she or it is not permitted to copy or otherwise duplicate or repeat any part of the site or any information contained or displayed within it by any means.

4. Highflyers Racing will provide from time to time information about future sporting events to the User [the Information] for a fee payable in advance to be agreed from time to time between Highflyers Racing and the User. Payment of such fee by the User to Highflyers Racing constitutes acceptance by the User of these terms and conditions.

5. The User warrants that he or it is not in breach of any legislation in the country in which he or it seeks to obtain or use the Information and that by obtaining the Information and/or by its use he or it is not nor will be in breach of any legislation whether by means of age limit or otherwise.

6. If the User is authorised to obtain any information from this website or by any other means as a result of the use of this website [the Information] the User agrees that such information is personal to the User and may not be transmitted to any other firm or company by any means.

7. The Information is provided as general information and does not form advice. The User accepts that Highflyers Racing assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the Information which is merely a statement of opinion by Highflyers Racing or for any errors in or omissions from the Information or for any loss or damage to the User arising from the Information howsoever caused. The User acknowledges that the Information is directed towards sporting events where chance is a significant factor and the User accepts that there is no warranty that the User will make financial gain from using the website or the Information.

8. Highflyers Racing shall not be liable to any User in respect of loss of opportunity or otherwise in the event of Users betting accounts being closed by any person firm or company.

9. Highflyers Racing shall not be liable to any user for any errors in the Information or from any loss arising from any interruption of the service of the website or any service supplied in conjunction with the website howsoever caused or of any other system used by Highflyers Racing for the transmission of the Information. Highflyers Racing shall not be liable to the User for any loss arising to the User from any failure to update the website or any service supplied in conjunction with the website or of any other system used by Highflyers Racing for transmission of the Information.

10. Highflyers Racing shall not be liable to the User for any failure or disruption in the Paypal service or any transmission of money by Paypal to Highflyers Racing which results in the failure of the User to obtain the Information or for any loss to the User arising there from.

11. Any general information provided within the site or in any other service operated by or provided by Highflyers Racing is for information only and Highflyers Racing do not warrant the accuracy of such information and accept no liability therefore.

12. Highflyers Racing shall not be liable for any losses arising from the use by the User of any links from the website or for any losses arising from the reliance by the User on any advertising contained or referred to on the website. Highflyers Racing does not warrant the accuracy of any such advertising or information contained or referred to in such links.

13. Any calculations of results, levels of profit or otherwise will be performed using the available odds 30 minutes after the betting information is sent out to members or the Starting Price, which ever if the most favourable together with the staking plan given in the betting information.

14. Highflyers Racing may cancel the User’s membership without notice. Any future payment for the service held by Highflyers Racing will be refunded to the User forthwith.

15. If the User wishes to cancel their membership, under very exceptional circumstances refunds of purchased days or subscriptions will be considered. Refunds will be made to the account from which payment is received or by cheque. To request a refund please send an to Highflyers Racing (see Contact Us page) stating the exceptional circumstances that you think justify a refund.

16. The recorded information service providing background to the betting advices is available only to those who are subscribers or who have accepted that day’s invitation.

17. Any days that are given to new members as a free trial and which are not used within 30 days of the member joining will be forfeit.

18. Any days on accounts where there has been no activity for 6 months is liable to have the days removed.  A record of such removal will be kept by Highflyers Racing and a member can request by email that they be reinstated.

19. There are no Premium Rate Telephone numbers used in this service. The Audio service can be listened to for free through Your Highflyers pages.

20. There are no Premium Rated SMS messages used in this service - all SMS messages sent by Highflyers are free.  It should be noted that whilst we can guarantee that text messages are sent from our system we can’t guarantee their receipt as the mobile telephone network is not 100% fault free.

21. This agreement shall be governed by English Law.

22. In these terms and conditions the singular shall include the plural and the male gender the female gender and vice versa. .

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