Receiving Emails

How to stop those important emails being treated like “spam” or “junk”, and make sure they end up in your inbox for Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft Outlook AOL, Hotmail, and other email clients and webmail services.

What Is Whitelisting?
The solution is to tell your email program (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc.) that mail from highflyersracing.com is not spam. To do this you need to add the newsletter sender’s email address to a “whitelist”.

The method varies slightly depending on which email provider or program you use. Below are instructions for many popular email services and email clients.

If your email service/program is not listed, these instructions will probably give you enough information to work it out so have a go anyway.

Always Whitelist Emails In Your Spam/Junk Mail Folder
If you find an email in your spam folder that is not spam always take a moment to mark it as “not spam” or “not junk”, this automatically let’s your email program add the sender to the whitelist.

How To Whitelist Our Email
Find your email service or email client and click the link get to the instructions below.

Whitelisting Instructions

GMail Whitelist:

  1. First, if you find email from highflyersracing.com in your Gmail spam folder, select our email and click the “Not Spam” button
  2. Next, open an email that you have received from us
  3. Click on the little down-pointing-triangle-arrow next to “Reply”:
  4. Click “Add highflyersracing.com to Contacts list”

Yahoo! Mail Whitelist:

You must set up a “filter”, but first:

  1. If you find email from highflyersracing.com in your “Yahoo! bulk” folder, open the email and click “Not Spam”
  2. If you find mail from highflyersracing.com in your “Blocked Addresses” list, select the email and click “Remove Block”

Now to create the filter:

  1. Open Yahoo! Mail and click on “Mail Options” in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Select “Filters” (in the bottom left corner)
  3. On the Filters page, click “Add”
  4. Select the “From header:” rule, and add “contains” and highflyersracing.com to match all mail from highflyersracing.com.
  5. Click the “Choose Folder” pull down menu and select ‘Inbox’
  6. Pick the Add Filter button

 AOL.com Webmail Whiltelist:

You must add info@ highflyersracing.com and registration@ highflyersracing.com to your AOL address book as follows:

  1. Search for email from us in the Spam folder. If you find an email in the Spam folder, then open it and click the “Not Spam” button.
  2. Click the Contacts link (or open your AOL Address Book)
  3. Click the +New button.
  4. In the  New Contact window, registration@ highflyersracing.com into the ‘Primary E-Mail 1’ field
  5. Click Another email, and enter info@ highflyersracing.com into the E-Mail 2 address
  6. Click “Create”

AOL Email Client Whitelist:

New Subscribers: add the “From address” to your AOL address book:

  1. Click the Mail menu and select Address Book.
  2. Wait for the “Address Book” window to pop up, then click the Add button.
  3. Wait for the “Address Card for New Contact” window to load.
  4. Once loaded, cut and paste the From email address into the “Other E-Mail” field.
  5. Make our From address the “Primary E-Mail” address by checking the corresponding checkbox.
  6. Click the Save button.

Existing Subscribers: If you are already a subscriber but the email isn’t getting through, the email may be in your AOL Spam Folder. Open web mail and look in your Spam Folder. If your find our email in your spam folder open it and click the “This Is Not Spam” button. Then add the “From address” onto your Address Book as outlined in the “New Subscribers” instructions above.

Hotmail Whitelist:

You must add info@ highflyersracing.com and registration@ highflyersracing.com to your “Safe List” as follows:

  1. First, if you find email from highflyersracing.com in your Hotmail junk folder, open the email and click “Not Junk”
  2. Next, check to see if highflyersracing.com appears in the “Blocked Senders” list. If so, select it and click on the “Remove” button.
  3. Next, open your mailbox and click “Options” in the upper right hand corner
  4. At the top of the page, click on the “Junk E-mail Protection” link
  5. Next, click on “Safe List”, which is down near the bottom
  6. Copy and paste info@ highflyersracing.com where it says “Type an address or domain”
  7. Click the “Add” button
  8. Repeat steps 6. and 7. for registration@ highflyersracing.com

Microsoft Outlook Whitelist:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options
  2. On the Preferences tab, click Junk E-mail
  3. On the Safe Senders tab, click Add
  4. Add info@ highflyersracing.com where it says “Add address”.
  5. Add registration@ highflyersracing.com in the same way.
  6. Click OK

 Apple Mail / OSX Whitelist:

  1. First, if email from highflyersracing.com ends up in your junk folder, highlight or open it and click “Not Junk” at the top of your screen.
  2. Go to “Mail” > “Preferences”
  3. Go to “Mail” > “Preferences” Go to the Rules tab
  4. Select Add Rule
  5. Give this rule a name such as “Email from highflyersracing.com”
  6. Create a rule that says “If any of the following conditions are met: ‘From’ ‘Contains’” and then paste in “highflyersracing.com”
  7. From the actions, select ‘Move message’ to mailbox ‘Inbox’.
  8. Click “OK”

Whitelisting Email in Other Email Applications & Webmail Services.

If you use a Web mail system or email application adding the “From” address to your “address book”, “safe list”, “whitelist” or “contact list” will usually work. Also, check your “spam”, “bulk” or “junk” folder. If the email is there look for a way to indicate that it is not spam. For example by selecting the email and clicking a button such as “Not Spam” or “Not Junk”.

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